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Comprehensive Financial Planning

Unwavering dedication to your financial aspirations

At Financial Strategies, we work primarily with senior executives, retirees, and their families. We help our clients meet financial challenges so they are free to spend more time doing the things they love. Rather than recommending specific products, we take a comprehensive and truly unbiased approach to our clients’ sophisticated financial opportunities. We provide high net worth financial planning, wealth management financial services, wealth transfer and protection advice, and support our clients’ charitable giving goals.  

Focus on your career, your dreams, or your legacy. We’ll focus on finding ways to ensure your comprehensive plan provides financial security for you and your loved ones. 

Investment management

Our thorough approach to investment management ensures your investment portfolio is coordinated with your overall financial plan. As  Fee-Only financial advisors, we search for investments that are perfectly tailored to your needs. We balance withdrawal needs with the desire for growth, coordinate the use of various account types, and integrate tax, expense, and opportunity costs as we collaboratively work through decision making. 

As part of our comprehensive financial planning services, we can coordinate with your attorney, insurance agents, accountant, and other professionals as requested, ensuring every advisor can provide higher levels of service in their respective areas.

Retirement Planning

We apply a disciplined strategy to retirement planning, carefully considering your desired lifestyle and coordinating your investment and withdrawal strategy to ensure your resources are utilized wisely. We will assist with coordinating all your income sources including pensions, deferred compensation, stock options, investment income, and more. 

Retirement planning is not a one-time event. Our Uncompromising Care approach provides reassurance to every client at each step of the journey. Whether you’re trying to determine how to best invest a complex executive benefits package for the future or approaching the time when you’ll have the opportunity to benefit from years of hard work and dedication to your career, the professionals at Financial Strategies will be by your side.

Wealth Transfer

Creating a thoughtful estate plan ensures you are able to direct the impact of your legacy, benefiting your heirs and your community in a manner that aligns with your beliefs and intentions. 

Our financial planning and estate management professionals can guide you and your family through the estate planning and wealth transfer process. We direct potentially emotional discussions with sensitivity, working to ensure your wishes are understood and carried out in the most prudent and coordinated manner. 

Knowing how to transfer wealth to the next generation requires coordination with your estate planning attorney and accountant. As the caretaker of your financial future, we ensure your estate plan is fully integrated with your other financial and legal needs.

Tax Advisory Services

Preserving wealth and tax management go hand in hand.  A proactive financial plan will consider both current and future tax liabilities as part of a comprehensive wealth management strategy. 

We work collaboratively with your CPA, ensuring your asset protection strategies consider changes to tax law, your stage in life, as well as your current and future tax brackets. You’ll benefit from the ability to invest as much as possible, setting yourself up for a smart financial future.

Charitable Giving 

The generosity of high net-worth individuals can be transformative to non-profit organizations. At Financial Strategies, we help you carefully consider how much to gift, when donations should be made, and the optimal donation mechanism for your current and future tax situation as well as your wealth transfer goals. 

The desire to give back is emotional. We help our clients develop charitable giving strategies that provide a rewarding experience for both the donor and the recipient.